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Real Customer Reviews from Our Happy Customers

“I had a large mole on my back and PapiStop cream worked really well. I was skeptical at first, but I took a chance and I am really happy with the results. It completely removed it. I followed the directions daily and it looks so much better. Thank you.

Helga, 35 years

Skin tag fell off after 3 days and 3 applications. Clean, no problem, just a little scab left that is healing. Not painful, highly recommend! I paid a few hundred to have a dermatologist remove one last time, I wish I had known about PapiStop.

Chris, 43 years

“PapiStop cream worked great, easily removed 2 moles, a skin tag, and 2 milia’s on my eyelid. No scar or mark after, all gone as never there before.

James, 52 years

“I had a problem with papilloma since a long time, so many of them on my body and neck, that I was ashamed to wear open clothes.With time, they became more and more…. A friend of mine shared positive feedback about PapiStop cream and I decided to try it. Not only that some of my papilloma are gone, but it also prevented the appearance of new ones. It deserves to try !

Angela, 44 years

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